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EQUITY REAL ESTATE® is privately owned and operated providing a small brokerage ideology with the power of a debt-free, nationwide, influencer in the real estate industry to agents who truly desire success. The model is quite simple but the options that it provides Realtors and their clients are exponential. See for yourself! CORE VALUES: We believe so much in our core values that we turned them into a symbol and use them throughout our company identity. Three blocks and their surrounding space to indicate and keep in front of us those values that have driven the success of this business for years. HONESTY & INTEGRITY: At Equity, we live up to the definition of our name. We strive to be just and fair in all of our dealings, to work honestly with those who have integrity and maintain similar values, and to share our equitable offerings with all of our agents and brokers. ACTION & INNOVATION We don't sit still. Especially when it comes to innovating new and helpful programs, systems, and resources for our team of real estate agents and brokers. This value has allowed us to become a leader in the Real Estate industry. STABILITY & LONGEVITY We've been around since 2002 and we're still growing. Equity was the first of its kind and though there are many copycats, not one of them has managed to match our strengths and offering. MISSION STATEMENT: To provide an affordable, incredible vehicle for real estate brokers’ and agents’ success with unparalleled services, resources, and tools while always adhering to our Core Values and being an active force for good in the lives of our brokers, agents, communities, and the world. To provide access to this vehicle throughout the whole of the nation by establishing a solid, stable, and engaged presence in all fifty states. To be the largest, most influential brokerage in the industry for the sake of our brokers and agents. To always be equitable in all of our dealings, and to never forget our roots.

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